About Us

hax0rtools.com is a Network which provides solutions in the field of Cyber Security, Penetration Testing, Network Monitoring Support, Web-Application Security, IT Support and Training in various fields of Cyber Security, Web Development and Web Designing etc.
Hax0rtools.com is more of a Community (or Group) than just a company which has been hopefully designed and run by a well moderated group of Professionals concerned for Cyber Security, for informing people the ways to be secure, the ways to fight and stand up against Cyber Crimes which are currently ruling the technical sector of modern cyber era. Our prime concern providing training, quality material along with web-services specially designed keeping in view the imminent needs of an End User, Enthusiastic, TechnoGeek, a Hacker or a Security Specialist or anyone who even accidently uses internet. Equipped with a Huge collection of Tools, Books, Videos, Tutorials and all other media of Knowledge.I hope members would like my hard work and help me in the further moderation of of this group towards a better and enlightened future where all of us would be secure and would be knowing enough to tackle any sort of difficulty. 

~:Declaration:~Any of the Owner or the Moderators would not be responsible for any sort of Misuse if the content of this Community. This Community is Meant for Educative Purposes Only.

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