Friday, October 18, 2013

winAUTOPWN V2.7 | Windows Interactive exploit framework Tool

winAUTOPWN is a simple tool which works on windows platform and is quick in systems vulnerability exploitation.This is tool which takes less information from your side and does more effective work.

Why you should use this tool?

1. It takes simple inputs like IpAddress,Hostname,CMS Path

2. It also does a smart multi-threaded port scan (1 to 65535).

3. Exploits written by other writers can be added to it to evoke a remote shell from target box.

4.It helps the attacker to check the no of exploits it has used on the target box.

In the new version this tool has added few extra features like

  • Commandline parameters for Reverse Shell URL 
  • Mail-to,mail-from(Email server exploit)

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