Sunday, October 6, 2013

Password Hasher Firefox Extension

 here’s a tool for Firefox to help you manage your more secure passwords.
Better security without bursting your brain
Password Hasher is a Firefox security extension for generating site-specific strong passwords from one (or a few) master key(s).
What good security practice demands:
      Strong passwords that are hard to guess.
      Different passwords at each site.
      Periodically changing existing passwords.
Why you probably aren’t practicing good security:
      Strong passwords are difficult to remember.
      Juggling a multitude of passwords is a pain.
      Updating passwords compounds the memorization problem.
How Password Hasher helps:
  • Strong passwords are automatically generated.
  • The same master key produces different passwords at many sites.
  • You can quickly upgrade passwords by “bumping” the site tag.
  • You can upgrade the master key without updating all sites at once.
  • It supports different length passwords.
  • It supports special requirements, such as digit and punctuation characters.
  • All data is saved to the browser’s secure password database.
You can download Password Hasher here:
Or read more here.

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