Saturday, October 5, 2013

Make Your Pendrive a "Password Stealer"

Here's a small hackby which you can turn any into a password stealer.The pendrive will steal all the stored passwords in the system of the victim.

Download : You can download the files from here.

Steps of Use :

1.Extract pendrive password stealer.rar . 
2.Copy all the contents of the file.
3.Paste the contents in the pendrive you want to use for stealing.
4.Insert the pendrive in the system of the victim.
5.Click on "launch" file.
6.Within seconds your pendrive will have text files containing all the stored passwords of the victim for any website.

P.S. :If the victim is not using stored passwords,then the password files will come out empty.

Note: This is for educational purposes only. Author is not liable for any misuse.

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