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Make Money While you sleep: Make Money With - Tutorial

You can Make Money Online using

 Following is a simple step by step tutorial that will help you start making money.

First here is a proof of the payment I received through Paypal 

OR is a site where users can earn money from sharing links and content to web viewers. Great for blog owners and site owners.  Although you do not have to own a site to earn from You can earn from shortening your favorite links and sharing it with other people. Image links, web links, or file links are just a few ways you can use this site for. has been online and paying since May 2009. Which is one reason why they are now on the Elite List of PTC INVESTIGAYIONS . There is no investments or any risk using this site. 

Important information about

  •     Paid: Average earnings $ 5 per 1000 visit (depends on the country visiting to account for profits).
  •     Minimum payment: 5 $ (accessible in a relatively short time).
  •     Payday: the first (day two Mondayof each month.
  •     Banks that pay: PayPal, LR,Payoneer
  •     Referral: one level 1 Level.
  •     Payoff of : 20for each lifelong referral.
  •     Accepted by the statesall states (visitors every state of their own price).
  •     Timing Site: GMT GMT or UTC.
  •     Founded: in 26 April 2009 and officially began work in May of the same year.
  •     Site owner: Ian Donovan
  •    Payment as scheduled without delay.
  •     Proof of paid Payment Proof exists in abundance in the Internet and in its own forum.
  •     Available in its own forum facilitates communication with site management and there are online subdivisions especially by evidence Payment and solutions to problems and to exchange views, ideas and tips on the best ways to earn as well as a special section for technical support and other.
  •     Pays for participants from all countries and calculated visits from all countries also without any restrictions.
  •     Allows an unlimited number of Alriveral Referral at the first level only 1Level.
  •     Minimum pay $ 5 as easily accessible in a relatively short time.
  • site with a good reputation and credibility in their respective fields and did not know him yet complained to one.
  •     And easy to use interface and accurate statistics (updated every half hour or so).
  •     Advertising time only 5 seconds, which makes visitors do not get bored of it never.
  •     Allows clicking once (for the experience) only brief on each link, but repeated clicking is a violation may lead to cessation of membership.
  •     To be subjected ads in violation of the laws or rights or public morals.
  •     Is contrary to the terms and instructions AdSense final.


Explain the registration process location

Sign Up on  

  •     Go to the registration page here

  •     Then press this button:

  • After that window will show you your datawhere you fill out the correct data: 

  1. Put your name in this box (not require to be true).
  2. Put your user name (of your choice) and I know that this name will be visible to others.
  3. Put Your Email this box (note that Your Email this name will be login to your account and you will receive an activation code as well).
  4.  Retype the email address again this box to confirm.
  5.  Put your password (not less than six boxes).
  6.  Retype the password again in this box to confirm.
  7.  Account Type box to choose between open account publisher Link Shrinker or advertiser Advertiser (not change anything because the situation assumption is the publisher).
  8.  Verification write words as your shows.
  9.  Do not forget to mark in the box to agree to the terms and conditions of the site
  •  Click on the Join button and thus may have finished the registration process. 
  • You will receive an account activation on the email address set by you in step 3, where the message contains the activation code Confirmation Key we have cut and paste in the following link:

  • And finally push the button Confirm Registration and you are all set to ROLL!!

The interface: Shortning links and control

In this issue we will explain the most important elements in the user interface for the site will be described in this page how shorten links and how to choose the scope Domain is and how to choose the type and view commercial advertising that will appear through your link Manual (Banner under Framed Banner full-page or Interstitial Advert or not to display any announcement no Advert).
To shorten the link and let our link
, follow these steps:

  •     Click on the button labeled View more options: 

  •  Then follow these steps:
  1. In this box set the link to be shortened.
  2.  After clicking on the button labeled View more options
  3.  From this drop-down menu choose Domain range you want from among three ranges are:

     4.  From this drop-down menu to choose the type of commercial advertising Advertising Type:      Banner under Framed Banner or full page Interstitial Advertisement or not to display any announcement No Advert.

       5.  This box Custom Name You can put the name you want to linkfor example:
Custom Name: Ex:  where makemoney is the name we have chosenand you can choose any name you like.
      6.  Write the name of the folder Folder that you want to place the shortcut.
      7.  Then click on the button Shrink Vintage you are copying manual link Copy and then you post in the   forums and sites that allow the deployment of shortcut linksor you can create a site or a blog and put yourlinks condensed freely.

Explanation Interface UsageSite Lists and monthly statistics chart

This will explain the most important lists and different functions and bar monthly statistics and how to improve our profitability and identify the Avg.CPM and What are the factors affecting it:

Explain the most important site lists and monthly statistics chart:

Explanation welcome box:

  • Account: Account Settings page.
  • Logout: exit button.

Explain the menus:

  • Home
  • Referrals: page where you get your referral id and can see your referral earnings. 
  • ToolsTools page.
  • Withdrawpayment page (amounts  which will be paid and the time remaining on the date of payment).
  • ForumSpecial Forum and has a section for proof of payment Payment Proof.
  • SupportTechnical Support page.    

: Home.

Login to the home page click on the word "Home" in the menu bar.

 Home Home and monthly statistics chart Charts and Data
    You must know that Avg. CPM: is not influential factor on profitbut is simply a reflection and a measure of the profit from each 1000 pressure.
    Factors affecting virtually Avg. CPM: The aggregated visitors to your links from the United States or Canada the European Union or Australia(ie, that the greater the clicks on your links condensed come from the United States or Canada or the European Union or Australiamore than the rest of the worldwhenever Avg . CPM higher and higher the earnings and vice versa), check out the prices of clicks or Payout Rates.


Spread your referral id on the net, like on Facebook twitter etc and then when other people sign up on this link you earn 20% of their earnings, forever , THIS MEANS that if you have some referrals that make huge money each month you need not do anything and get Referral cumission each month :D

Tools: Tools page

To enter the Tools page click on the word "Tools" in the menu bar. 

Tools menu

  Mass Shrinker: to the short range links at once (max 20 link every link in the linein order to produce you ashortcut links (each link separately from the other).
 Easy Link: an easy way to shorten the links without using site, according to the following method: (where 801645 is the number your referral id)
    We replace the linkage we want shortened.
 Bookmarklet: to add Facebook Marc browser special
    API Documentation: To add a shortcut feature links to applications Applications.
  Google Analytics: to connect your stats in site statistics Google Analytics.
  Full Page Script: This option short of any link Link in your website or blogall you have to do is add the code given to you to your website or blog and when you click on any link will open in a page ads, (click here for more detail about this tool).
  Website Entry Script: This option opens page ads once or more  when each new visitor comes to your website or blog,
   Export Links and Stats: to export your links and your stats to Excel.

Withdraw: payment page.

To enter the payment page click on the word "Withdraw" in the menu bar.

Withdraw Your Earnings

All Available Earnings: Total earnings during this month (profits clicking on your links + winnings of Alriveralz).
    Last Pay Period: Total last amount was calculated to you as dividends (total earnings last month).
    Withdrawal History: Record dates winnings payments that have already been converted to your bank account mail.
    Starts calculating monthly profits from the first moment at the beginning of the new month and ends calculated at the last moment from the same month the new,and payment is made ​​in the first (Monday Monday) of the month immediately followed. depends on the site GMT GMT or UTC.

This proof of payment for the month of January 2013 you randomly Bantqaúha from the forum site officialand bears a forum alone only officialresponsibility for their health and ensure their credibility.
Just click on the image of proof to view full-size image.



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