Friday, October 4, 2013

How to Crack WPA2 ccmp with Backtrack 5

Hey guys, day before yesterday i made a tutorial on WEP cracking using a build-in tool called "fern wifi cracker". Today i'll show you how to crack WPA2 CCMP using the same tool, so now let us begin..
  • Open fern wifi cracker

  • Select the wireless interface from the list.
  • When you select your card, a window will open.. ignore it... just to OK
  • Double click anywhere on the tool to get the settings and then enable the xterm from there. (the window appeared above was just informing you about the "settings")
  • Now click on the button with the wifi logo on it, the scanning will start when you click it..
  • Now you will be able to see the xterms running WEP & WPA scanning (its using airodump)*in the pic i actually closed the xterm for wep.
  • Now click on the button which says "WPA"..when you do that, a window will open..just click the AP from the List and then select a wordlist for the WPA2 CCMP cracking (dictionary attack)
  • Select a client which you want to disconnect (deauth) from the AP through the list and now run "Attack"

  • After few seconds (or minutes) you can see one xterm appering which is sniffing the AP (actually waiting for the WPA handshake) and another xterm appearing for every 3-4 seconds (this xterm is trying to deauthenticate the client by sending the "Deauth" packet)
  • Now when you get the WPA-handshake, the tool will start the dictionary attack automatically and if the password is there in the wordlist then it will be displayed on the window..

Okay, this is it for WPA2 CCMP Cracking, I hope you liked it. :)

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