Friday, October 18, 2013

Few Online Tools for Computer and Online Security

Computer security is of foremost importance these days even more than our physical are few online tools available through which we ensure our security to certain extent.We cannot say our PC will be 100% secure but to some extent we will be benefited  for sure.
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File scanner:

It can used to scan files upto size 1mb and archieve file(zip,arj format etc) upto 1mb.The database is updated every 3 hours to ensure that newest virus are detected.

Here you can scan a single file each time and that should not be more than 16mb.

Here you can scan a file upto 20mb.You can send file by SSL and via email also.

Here you can scan file upto 20mb,where the file will be scanned by 24 antivirus engine and is one of the best online scanning tool.

System scanner:

It can scan your PC ,system memory,boot sector.It can be used without uninstalling the existing security product.

It can be used to scan the system.It is the one of the old Anti-virus company and easy to use.

Administrative previleges is required to use this online scanner.It is user friendly and operates from the browser.

You need the activex control to use this online tool.It is a good product from panda.

Browser scanner:

You need to install the required plugin to use this tool.It checks for vulnerability and issues in the browser.

It scans for browser functionality and issues.

It will scan the browser for issues and vulnerabilites.You need to close all other tabs before using it and enable persistent cookies.

It test your browser and give scores for uniqueness and trackable functionality.

Url scanner:

It scans the url with multiple antivirus engine.It is simple to use.

Just copy and drop the suspicious url and press enter.

It is a simple tool to use as the file scanner of it.

It scan the link from potential threats with a simple click.

Port scanner:

It scans the Ipaddress for open ports.There is a list of some essential ports on the webpage.

It is one of the best port scanning tool and easy to use.

It scans an Ipaddress for open and closed TCP ports.

Here you can scan for ports to test the strength of your firewall.

It provide a range of ports to scan and list of some essential ports.

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