Monday, October 14, 2013

Facebook Trick

Hello Guys,

This post of mine is just to make yourself easy with handling your social life. Here I will be telling you various shortcuts for Facebook in Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox browser.

Chrome    Firefox              Facebook
Alt+m        Shift+Alt+m      New Message
Alt+0         Shift+Alt+0       Help Center
Alt+1         Shift+Alt+1       Home Page
Alt+2         Shift+Alt+2       Profile Page
Alt+3         Shift+Alt+3       Manage Friend List
Alt+4        Shift+Alt+4        Message List
Alt+5        Shift+Alt+5        Notification Page
Alt+6        Shift+Alt+6        Account Settings
Alt+7        Shift+Alt+7        Privacy Settings
Alt+8        Shift+Alt+8        Facebook Fan Page
Alt+9        Shift+Alt+9        Facebook Terms
Alt+?        Shift+Alt+?        Search Box

Enjoy and Have Fun!!!

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