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Way's to hack a facebook account

During last 5 years, Facebook has evolved into largest social networking site with over 500 million users worldwide in 2012. It has become a gathering spot, to connect with relatives and friends sharing each other’s personal lives. It allows people to connect with each other having common interest. As a consequence large number of people is interested to know how to hack someone’s Facebook account and this has become the most read article online over past few days.
With each passing day Facebook is becoming more popular. With over 500 million users it provides an incredible information database for advertisers. Earlier advertisers used targeted spam emails to advertise for their product, but now they have discovered that hijacking facebook account can help them deliver their messages to friends and family of those account holders. It has been seen that over past few months, large number of facebook profiles have got hacked by various methods like hijacking accounts, phishing attacks etc.
So in this article, I will be sharing various methods used to hack Facebook accounts profiles of various people who fall prey to hackers.
Various Methods Used to Hack Facebook Accounts (still working in 2012):-
•    Phishing Attack
•    Key loggers
•    Hacking the Primary E-mail address
•    Firesheep
•    Social Engineering or simply guess your password
•    Cookie stealing

So let us discuss the above-mentioned methods in details:
1)    Facebook Phishing Attack
Hacking facebook account via phishing attacks is the most simplest of all methods. Most hacking cases which are read online involves prey getting trapped via phishing websites, hence one can easily say that phishing is the most popular and one of the main methods to hack facebook profiles of innocent people. Facebook has invested huge amount of funds to hire people who can help give awareness about facebook phishing attacks and work to prevent it, but hackers are much smarter. Phishing process takes advantage of fake login web page most commonly known as spoofed webpage that is very identical to the original/unique webpage of that site.  A large number of free internet host servers are available online that a hacker can use are “drivehq” service, or “your free hosting”  or just to our gathered list “ They need to have exactly same domain name which should resemble the main site and can easily fool the user for example – Fasebook or Facedook. These links are sent to masses via emails and once they click on it, they are redirected to spoofed website and thus once they try to login into the site, they end up giving away their information to hackers.
2)     Keyloggers – hacking facebook profiles  (use the 2012 version of this tool)
This is the second most widely used methods by hackers to hack facebook passowords and accounts. How this works?  Well the only thing in this method you need to do is to install unique/remote keylogger software. It becomes easier if you can have the physical access to victim’s computer. It is installed on a computer using a fake software installation. Keyloggers are hardly detected by any sort of antivirus program, this can cause huge damage to system and result in identity theft of the victim. The main function of keylogger is recording the keystrokes typed on keyboard, saving it in a log file and sending it via email to the infiltrator who can use these log files to gain access to the password of the victim.
3)    Hacking Primary Email
If the hacker is able to get access to your primary email be it Yahoo or Gmail, which has been associated with facebook, then he can simply reset your facebook account password and gain access to your profile.  They can simply make use of Facebook “Forgot Password Tool “and ask facebook administrator to resend the password. Many times people tend to keep same id and password for all their sites, hence hackers may even gain access to your facebook account by using the same password combination you had used for your primary email, hence in order to save your hacking of your facebook password in 2012 kindly use different password combinations for different sites and emails.
4)    Firesheep
Using an unsecure wireless network can also result in hacking of your facebook account. This can be done easily by using any browser like Mozilla firefox and its simple plug in- Firesheep.
5)    Social Networking method
This method may work wonders if it helps. But here you need to a lot of research before about the person whose account you want to hack. You should know the following things about the person

1. Mobile numbers of friends and family
2. Girlfriend or boyfriend names
3. Date of Birth
4. Favorite movie name, name of favorite cartoons, band, musician actors and actress
5.You should be aware about the alphanumeric character that is widely used by your friend
After knowing the entire social details about an individual, you can use forgot password trick to gain access to his profile. Do not click RESET PASSWORD link. Using “I DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THE ACCOUNT AND ITS EMAIL” is the best way to work out in this method. You can create a new user email for facebook and thus ask them to send you the security questions. If you know the answer to security question for example “Who is your best friend?” – All you need to do is fill it up and request them to send you the new password at the email created above, hence you will have access to their account in few minutes and all this because of your social talent skills
6)    Facebook Cookie Stealing
This method has recently been discovered and it is becoming favorites of hackers with each passing day. It is now preferred by most hackers as it gives very effective results.
“Datr” is the name of the cookie which faecbook uses to authenticate (it has been mentioned below), thus if the hacker gets access to your authentication cookies, then his job is very simple from there on,  all he now do is inject the authenticated cookies in his browser and he will be able to gain access to your facebook account.
Below is an example of facebook authentication cookie
Cookie: datr=1276721606-b7f94f97729575936546533c5b076876374dc02111hgf159a827030fc;
This in the end I would like to conclude that no matter how much facebook invest in making its network more secure, hackers always have the upper hand and gain access to any user profile they want to!

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