Sunday, September 15, 2013

[TUT]HOW TO MAKE trojan almost FUD easly [TUT]

hello everyone

nowadays crypting trojan don't give a good result if you use use a public crypter , otherwise you need to buy a private edition or to hex it .

so here's a little tip to how make it almost FUD .

we gonna need a ( Privacy Protection Software )
this kind of softwares is used by programs creators to protect their creation from cracking and reverse engineering . we gonna do the same
to a trojan and you are going to see the result

first of alll you need to download the program : PC guard for win32
google is your friend

let's start :

server's location ->

then -> general

Security & Encryption

Protection Method

and we are done !

results :

poison ivy server :

bifrost server :

hope it works for you guys

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