Tuesday, September 24, 2013

[TUT] shell uploading via joomla admin

Hello Guys after seeing response to my last article on how to upload shell in wordpress.
I thought of making tut on showing step's on uploading shell in joomla.
1. Suppose we have an access to joomla admin. 

2.  Once you Login you see the below screen.

3. Then look for Extensions and in that Template Manager.

4. Once you click on that you will see all the templates installed on that site.

 5. See the marking in red it has the star. It means its the default template used by the sites currently. Select any of the template like it did beez in green.

6. Once you click on beez you will see the following screen. now just click on edit html

8. Once you click on edit html you will see the following screen

see the red part /templates/beez/index.php that is the path of your shell

9. Now just paste your shell code over their and save it

10. Once you click on save. it will take you to page were it will show youTemplate source saved. you work is done
Once that is done you can access your shell. Path of the shell would be

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