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[TUT] ProRat v1.9SE n00b friendly ALL QUESTIONS ANSWERED

OK, Tired of looking at the ProRat uploads in other forums and seeing the same questions OVER AND OVER; plus im bored lol. Im no expert, but I ASSURE that if you follow this guide, you WILL NOT FAIL at connecting to some1. Please follow this STEP BY STEP and you should have NO questions as far as connecting or creating a server. Be sure to turn OFF your firewalls while running ProRat, for MOST OF THE TIME, it will not work if a firewall is up.

Things you need:

ProRat v1.9SE
*rep+ to goodkidz... he uploaded it not me, BUT this is the file i use so its safe*
The zip password is oksa52wq.
To unlock Prorat
Username: mohdjase1
The key:66618e869accfc4f96. (DUC program)

Step 1: Create a account

First thing you need to do is goto
Once there, register to the site and after you have activate the email, login. Once you have logged in, in the Upper Left corner, click on the tab "Host/Redirects". Now click on Add a host. Now it will ask you to fill in the Hostname Information. THE ONLY THING YOU NEED TO DO, is simple put in a hostname ( __"whatever you want to name it"__ ) and beside that is a drop down menu for your server extension(default is ""). It doesn't matter what you have as a server extension, BUT you can have no 2 Hosts/Redirects with the same extension. Now scroll down and click add host. Remember your hostname. You will need it for your ProRat server.

NOTE: Your IP address should have been inserted already. If it wasn't go to and that is your IP. But it really doesnt matter if you have a diff IP address everytime you log in or w/e. Just follow this guide, and everything WILL work out.

Step 2: Creating the ProRat server

Now that you have your no-IP host set up, lets make your server.

Open ProRat and at the bottom of the control panel, click Create>Create ProRat server. A pop-up should now be in place. In the Notifications Tab, you will see 4 check boxes. The only one that needs to be checked is the top one(Use ProConnective Notification). In that box, type in the no-IP host you created ( or whatever ). You may be wondering why not put you IP address. Because YOU may be behind a router and/or the person you are hacking may be behind a router and it won't work. Just ALWAYS put a no-IP host there and you will NOT have any problems. Now go to the General Settings Tab. The server port should be 5110. DONT CHANGE IT! Keep it that PERIOD. Server password. By default, this is 123456. Make it whatever you want. Just remember it! This keeps other ProRat users from connecting with your server into the victim's PC. In the Victim Name Tab, keep it Victim for now. In the check boxes. here is a quick overview of what they mean and which should be checked.

[ ] = dont check
[x] = check

[ ] Give a Fake Error Message. (when they open the file, it gives an error message.
[x] Melt server on install. (this will cause the server to ALWAYS connect to the internet when the victim gets online)
[x] Kill AV - FW on Install. (this causes the anti-virus and firewalls to SHUT DOWN and stay off once installed on the victim's computer.
[x] Disable Windows XP SP2 security center
[x] Disable Windows XP Firewall
[x] Clear Windows XP Restore Points
[ ] Dont send LAN notifications ( keeps other computers on the victim's network from knowing about you )
[ ] or [x] Protection for removing local server ( This is to keep the victim from removing the file from their PC. Now! it is your choice to check this one. IF you check it, I cannot guarantee that you can remove the server from the victim's PC. If you just Hack to kill a computer, then check it. If you hack to get information and leave. Dont check it. You dont wanna leave a trace on some1s computer if you are just going to do a hit and run. I personally hack to get surveilance information. To monitor people's actions and such. Sorta like just spy. And find out something i need. I dont check this box, because i wanna delete all my "footsteps", once i get what i need.)

In the Invisibility Box, check all 4 boxes.

That is all the boxes that need be checked and unchecked. Now lets move on.

Bind with File tab. You want to bind your server to a file. A good suggestion is a picture because that is a small file and its easer to send to the people you need:
Hacker: Hey Sarah, i got this picture i need to show you... lmao ITS SO AWESOME.
Sarah: OK let me see it.
Hacker: *sends file to sarah"
*Sarah is now hacked*
(or whatever the convo would be)

Anyway, bind it with a picture. Keeps filesize small and easier to send.

Server Extention Tab. Choose whatever, I keep it .exe ... no one said anything yet...

Server Icon. Choose the photo one. Its on the top row, 7 pic from left to right.


There ya go, server has been created. In the folder that contains your ProRat SE program, you should now see a new file; "binded_server". Rename this file to something describing the picture. I use mushrooms, so my server file is called "shrooms" (btw, do NOT use my mushrooms, or i will put fungis all in your computer lmao). Be creative, make it simple and REAL. Dont be fake or the ppl that open your server will know something is up and you will get 5-10 yrs of prison EASY.


Before proceeding to sending some1 this file, you need to protect it from an AV(YOURS and the VICTIM's). In the folder with your server, right-click inside the folder OFF A FILE(dont right-click a file; right-click a blank spot n the screen) and scroll down to new>compressed ZIP file or new>winRAR ZIP archive. Whichever is showing on your computer. Just create a new ZIP folder. Rename the ZIP folder you just created to whatever you named your server file(ex. shrooms). Now just drag your server file into the ZIP folder. Make sure the server is inside the zip folder now. If it just copied the file into the folder(your server is inside the zip folder and the original is still outside the folder) delete the original to prevent future mistakes. When you want to send the server to your victim, just send the ZIP folder to them. This way, NO AVs or FWs will pick it up.

Proceed to next step

Step 3: Connecting to the victim's computer

Once the server has been sent and the person has opened this ZIP folder, they will now be infected with it. AND HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT IT!
in the top of the ProRat program you will see a box in the upper left corner.
Type in the victim's IP address and make sure the port is 5110. Now press Connect. You should now see a pop-up box wanting to know a password. Remember the password you entered while creating the server? that is what you need to type. By default, it is "123456" without quotes. If you changed it and forgot what you put. YOURE IN LUCK! just go to create server and look at what the password is showing and that is the password. and if you still keep typing a WRONG password. Then you are shit out of luck. Make a new one. GO BAK TO THE STEP 2! and remember the password.

Step 4: What now?

Once connected, you can do watever you like. Play around on the control panel, figure out what everything is! and for an in-depth explanation of the tabs, goto the help file provided on ProRat v1.9SE... Good luck and Happy Hacking with ProRat.

ok... I HATE SEEING THESE QUESTIONS ASKED. I cant say much, for I never answer them. BUT I will answer them here. If I see the question in the forums, ILL POST THIS TUT for you to read. May be being a prick, BUT if search doesn't answer your question and GOOGLE doesnt answer your question, don't post a question. A little research teaches you things better than asking. TRUST ME! Not only do you get the answer to your question, BUT you may learn something new along the way. SO here is a FAQ for you to Learn. It will be updated as I see new questions.

1. Error message:Windows cannot access the specified deice, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item. What do I do?

Simple! Delete the ProRat program. Delete it. What happen was, your AV has altered the file. OR it could be malacious content. Either way, delete it. NEXT, remember the file you downladed? Un extract the file again and re run. You will not need to remake a server file and such if it has been sent to the victim. Just open ProRat and make sure your AV is shut off. Reconnect. There ya go.

2. ProConnective...what is that?

ProConnective is a tool that lets the server and client created with ProRat to communicate together. You need ProConnective for connecting to PC's behind LAN (local Area Network) and Routers. see post number 13 of this thread for futher detail

3. Well, I created my no-ip domain... the DUC is running and saying the server is up... but when I click to test the Pro connective notification it doesnt work..

That is because NO ONE IS CONNECTED TO THE SITE. If you followed this guide, it will still say not able to connect or w/e. Just follow the guide and everything will work. I PROMISE!

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