Tuesday, September 24, 2013

[TUT] how to setup zeus bot

Login into the CPanel of your website account or server. Go to File Manager. Create a directory of your choice.
Upload the files to the new directory. Chmod the directory /install/ and /system/ to 777. Also the whole directory.
NOTE: Instead if File Manager you can use FileZilla to upload the files. Right click in the files wich are upload already (/install/ and /system/) and change the value to 777 (Chmod). Also the whole directory.

The directory with Zeus installed should look like this:
bt.exe (infected file)

Go to MySQL Databases in your CPanel. Creat a new Database. Add new user. Now add the created user to the created database. Be sure to select all privileges.

Installing the panel of Zeus. Navigate to the directory you created and got to /directory/install/. A Panel installer should appear. Enter:
Username: Enter the default username which you will use when logging in 
Password: Your password when logging in. Make it strong 
MySQL server: 
Host: localhost 
User: Your database user created before 
Password: Your database password created for the user 
Database: The database name 
Online bot timeout: Leave it as it is 
Encryption key: use something VERY strong

Then Click Install. Making the bot. Navigate to your ZeuS files and open config.txt. Replace the link where it says with your link. Also the encryption key for the encryption key you just made.
Open the zsb.exe. The builder also has a remover so if you test your server on your own pc you can just remove it with a mouse click. Click on Builder.
Then click on Build Config. Save the file. Click Build Loader. Save the file.

Now go and upload cfg.bin and bt.exe to the same directory as the panel. Also you can delete the /install/ folder since the panel has been installed in the previous step.
Now navigate to the directory where you have your ZeuS panel. Got to /directory/cp.php. A login box should be there.
Enter your panel username and password. If you would like for your browser to keep cookies, so that you don't need to login again every time, you leave the page check the option. Click Submit.

So now here is the panel:
- Shows you the current user 
- Shows you the summary 
- Shows you the OS statistics of the infected bots 
- You can browse through the bots and and their reports 
- You can browse through the scripts you got. Add/edit them 
- There you can search trough the reports in the database 
- There you can search through the reports which are most times is txt format 
- Just random information about your system and stuff 
- Options. If you change the encryption key the automatically you loose all your bots 
- Change your password 
- Add and manage users

- Shows you the number of total reports in database 
- Shows you the time the first bot came online 
- Shows you total bots. The number of total pc's infected 
- Shows you the number of active bots ins the past 24 hours 
- Shows you the minimal version of bots 
- Shows you the maximal version of bots 
- Installs. Every pc which has not been infected with a Zeus bot server before gets on this list 
- With this buttons you can reset the installs 
- Shows you how much bots are currently online 
- Lets you jump to statistics of a botnet

Now create a MySQL database and copy the details. After extract the files of ZBOT.rar or Zeus.rar and open 'install' folder and open index.php.
Now some editing, go to line number 154 and edit the details which are asked into your details. Now goto /cpanel/system and open global.php and set values at line number 408 to 411 into your SQL Database data. Now go to /zeus and open config.txt and set the details there.
Open the builder.exe and click on 'Build config' you'll get a file named 'cfg.bin' and click on 'Build Loader' you'll get bt.exe (infected file).
After uploading, open http://yourhost.com/install/index.php. Fill the details and click on install. Now open a new tab and type: 'yourhost.com/cp.php' and finally you are ready to go.

NOTE: This Tutorial is for education purposes ONLY and WE are NOT responsible in any way on how you use the information provided and what you do with the files.

Download Zeus source code and server builder here and the Zbot source code and server builder here
Password of the Zeus RAR file is 'zeus'

Download 'Zeus the missing manual' (PDF) here

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