Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Top Ten Ways How Hackers Hack Facebook

Phishing is a very popular method for hacking facebook email & passwords. In this attack, hacker creates a phishing page ( fake login ) and will send the URL to his friends and victims. As the victim will enter his email and password, it would send to the hackers email or anywhere in a folder on webhost. Thus, this will hack facebook easily and securely. This method could be detectable by many of the browsers.

2. Keylogging

Keylogging is a very easy method for hacking facebook accounts. From my advice, everyone should try this attack as it is very secure and safe. Keylogging is basically related to stealing private information, it is a small program which works invisibly, once it is installed on victim's computer. It would give all the secret information which includes Keystrokes, Emails, Password, bank details including login's active screen. After capturing all the recording this will creates a log file and would invisibly send it to hackers email through Ftp Server. On MHT I have discussed many method of keylogging, I would recommend this method.

3. Stealers

Nowadays 90% of the hackers use Stealers for hacking accounts. Stealers are the small undetectable programs which captures all the saved passwords from thebrowser of victims. As majority of peoples used to save their passwords in their browser like Mozilla, Chrome. This thing could be very dangerous due to IStealers.








4. Session Hijacking

This Attack could be often very risky if your network is not secured, or if you are using http:// connection. In my previous article i have mentioned how hackers hack through hijacking session. In this method the hack steals the cookies of victim's recent login, which could be very useful for hacking account. So if you want to hack through cookies session hijacking, read my post below.




5. Sidejacking With Firesheep

This Method is kinda old but some of the hackers mostly use this when their victims or neighbours are on the same network ( Wifi or Shared network ). Firesheep helps hacker from gaining private info and logins through sharing. I will soon make an article upon Firesheep. This method was banned from government due to sharing of network.



6. Mobile Phone Hacking

Business in life is the major problem of every users. So this is why 60% of the facebook Users are running their accounts on their mobile phones, So that this would safe their time. But hackers are hackers, they have build various things from which they can get the user's password whether he is on Mobile or Computer. Now hackers can monitor or spy mobile phones through network or GPRS locator.



7. DNS Spoofing

This is a common method mostly used in offices andvacancies for stealing private information like login's and personal data. But this could be used for Facebook Hacking. As the victim using Facebook.com on the same network of the hacker. A hacker could change facebook.com into his phishing page. I would update an article in upcoming days.



8. USB Hacking

The Most Common attack mostly used by relatives and Friends. If your relative has stored Keyloggers and Stealers in his usb, this can be very dangerous as when the victim would connect via Usb Port all the spywares and Viruses will start work on his computer which would be very risky as it would give all the info to the hacker. From My advice a Powerful Firewall and Antivirus Shield show be active.



9. Facebook Reverting

The Best and the newest attack mostly used by professional hackers, as they are very genius they can steal accounts through Password recovery andguessing friends, a very clever attack which can change the password of targeted victims to hackers desired password. For more details read below post.


10. Facebook Hacking Course

This is a classified facebook hacking course by an ethical hacker Rafay Baloch ( a genius hacker from pakistan ). In this Course you will learn the real hack of facebook hacking. Including above attacks and more professional ways. to get this course Goto :- Here

So friends, I have mentioned you all the methods and attack of Facebook Hacking 

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