Friday, September 27, 2013

PC Game Zombie Shooter free download

Hi friends how are you all?
As you all know you can download free softwares from this blog, but today, I want to share a new PC Game with all my game lover friends.
The name of this game is "Zombie Shooter". As pretty much clear by its name that this game is about zombies.
This Zombie game is not only supposed a game of just for kids or teenagers. ThisPC game is rapidly getting popular among matures and elders.
This game is equally interested for
people of all age group.
In this game, few mad scientists with the help of their experiments, have unleasedzombies to the earth which is going to be deadly dangerous for the entire world.
You are on of those soldiers, who have given the task and powers to fight against them and to stop them from damaging earth.
The main feature of this game is, unlike other games in which you are far more equiped than your enemies, this game is totally other way round.
In this game, zombies are more powerful and equipped than you and you can only beat them with courage.
The main weapons which you are provided are mainly pistols, rifles and other few explosives.
Use them wisely to catre those deadly zombies.
This fight is not going to be as easy as it seems because zombies are more well equiped with latest technologies and deadly weapons..
So you have to fight courageously my friend!
Play & enjoy :)

Click below to start download:

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