Sunday, September 15, 2013

[TUT] How to setup Cerberus Rat 1.03.5 Beta + Download [TUT]

Ok this is my last tut in this section because when I make new rat tut it will be in the hacking tutorial section.

What you will need:
No-Ip client
Cerberus Rat 1.03.5 Beta
7-zip or WinWar


Cerberus Rat 1.03.5 Beta:

Spoiler (Click to Hide)
1) Download and unzip Cerberus Rat 1.03.5 Beta and then run the exe.

2) Go to options then enter the port like 5150 0 0 and the password you want Then click save.(Don't have screenshot)

3 Now press New delete the old ip and then enter your no-ip, The password you put in on the second step and the port you put in.
[Image: screenshot14.jpg]

4) Now go to Server Installation and mostly do what I did but you can change it abit.
[Image: screenshot4.jpg]

5) Now go to Boot Methods you can click all the check box's if you want you can enter the run key names and for the active setup press the + for about 5 - 10 times.
[Image: screenshot5.jpg]

6) Go to add file tab (If I am right it should be a binder you don't need to do it but if you do have fun)
[Image: screenshot6.jpg]

7) Go to the Anti Debugging tab and you can click all the click box's if you want to (up to you)
[Image: screenshot7.jpg]

8) Now go to misc options and Do what I mostly did but if you want to make the keylogger active you can. You can change the Mutex name.
[Image: screenshot9.jpg]

9) Go to Display message you can do that If you want to but they will probably know if you put a stupid message that you infected them.
[Image: screenshot10.jpg]

10) Go to Black List thing (I don't really know it) but you can skip it
[Image: screenshot11.jpg]

11) Go to overview tab it will just tell you some details about server (Don't have screenshot)

12) Go to Create Server tab. Now if you want to test the server on you. use the visible mode option but if you are going to give it to other people don't use it. You can compact it after you done that just press Create server and put it in any folder. Even if you put the file in any folder the real Server will be in the Cerberus Rat 1.03.5 Beta folder.
[Image: screenshot13.jpg]

You have now setup the server for Cerberus Rat 1.03.5 Beta, Just spread and have fun with slaves now. I used a big size so it is more easy to read

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