Sunday, September 15, 2013

LZ4 Free Compressor

LZ4 description

LZ4 is a very fast compressor, based on well-known LZ77 (Lempel-Ziv) algorithm.
Originally a fork from LZP2, it provides better compression ratio for text files and reaches impressive decompression speed, in the range and beyond 1GB/s per core (!), especially for binary files. These speeds are scalable with multi-threading modes, quickly reaching RAM speed limits on multi-core systems.

LZ4 is available as a C Open Source project, hosted on Google Code, under aBSD license. A list of ports to other language (Java, C#, Python, etc.) is also maintained on this page.

The version proposed here is for Windows. It works on both 32 and 64 bits systems.
The -c1 mode serves as a living demo for MMC (Morphing Match Chain) search algorithm (explained here).
The -c2 mode is equivalent to lz4hc.

Important note : current version v1.3.x is not conformant with LZ4 Streaming format, which was published later. v1.4+ versions will respect this format. In the meantime, if you need to produce compressed streams compatible with the LZ4 Streaming format, please use the LZ4 open source version, at

Download :
v1.3.3 : Windows LZ4 installer (setup)

v1.3.3 : LZ4 Command Line Utility for Windows (stand alone zip, no installation)
What's new :
- corrected a bug in "pipe" decompression mode
- better protection against erroneous data
- smaller installer

Compression level comparison :
Sample Corpus totalizing about 4GB
In-memory benchmark results (-b command)
Benchmark platform : Core 2 Duo E8400 (3GHz), Window Seven 32-bits

v1.3 - 2 Threads

Compression level Compression Ratio Speed Decoding
c0 2.091 555 MB/s 1.80 GB/s
c1 2.343 69.0 MB/s 1.85 GB/s
c2 2.414 40.9 MB/s 1.92 GB/s

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