Tuesday, September 17, 2013

ISR Stealer Tutorial

ISR 0.4
What is Stealer?
Stealer is basically used for steal the saved cookies in browsers. It only steal The saved Passwords in browsers eg.IE, chrome, firefox, And any massangers.
Tools to use
• IS 6.0 ,6.3
• ISR 0.4
These are mainly used tools to steal the passwords.
We seen many stealers like istealer6.0 or something like that but now in this these tools are not in use bcoz we seen in logs username password is same. So we can use this upgraded version that is CALLED ISR 0.4 that is ultimate stealer to use..so use this tool to hack the password.
Here Is the tutorial to use it.
What you Need to use it.
1. Domain
2. Hosting
3. My SQL Database
4. Tools eg.ISR 0.4
Purchase a domain or free Doamin’s are also available.
Then you Want Hosting. Hosting is a web space that is used for host your website there with your domain name.
3.My SQL database
That is used to store web site information like blog posts or user information. A MySQL database is the most popular type of relational database on the web today.
That tools is our main part to steal the cookies from victims.
SO let’s start..
First purchase a domain and hosting accoung. OR it’s available in free also.
I am doing this with free domain and free hosting.
Here you go.
1. Go to http://000webhost.com
2. Sign up there with free order.
3. After creating your hosting and domain Go to your cpanel.
After that Create My SQL Database .
1. GO to SQL Database

2. Create a database and one database user account.

3. After creating Database save this information.

• $dbHost = "fdb-1-5.cwahi.net"; //

(1)MySQL host
• $dbUser = "username"; // (3)MySQL username
• $dbPass = "password"; // (4)MySQL password
• $dbDatabase = "username_db1"; // (2)MySQL database name
Then back to cpanel after that
1. Go to file manger.

2. Here you want go in public_html

3. Here you want to upload some files of our tools that is in PHP


WE are using ISR 0.4

So it’s files are.
• Config.php
• Install.php
• Index.php
• Style.css
So upload these files in your directory.
After that go to your directory .
1. Click on config.php
2. Click on edit.

3. Here is window opend.
4. Edit in config.php
• $dbHost = "fdb-1-5.cwahi.net"; // (1)MySQL host
• $dbUser = "username"; // (3)MySQL username
• $dbPass = "password"; // (4)MySQL password
• $dbDatabase = "username_db1"; // (2)MySQL database name
5. Replace these information with your databse information that is you are saved on your pc.
6. In next fields you can see usename password select your username and password. That is required when you want to show your logs.
7. Then click on save and go back to directory.

Then go your Domain name eg.www.example.com

1. Then type in url: http://www.example.com/install.php
2. Then click on INSTALL

3. After install delete install.php from your hosting.
Here is everything is done with hosting and domain.
1. Go to your tool That is ISR0.4.exe
2. Open it in url field paste your domain name link here.
Eg. http://www.example.com/index.php
3. Then click on Bulid Serve

4. After bulid server bind your file with Anything and make a fud.
5. Spread it….And enjoy it…
6. TO show your logs go to your domain eg.http://www.example.com/index.php
7. Login there with your usename password.
If YOu Wnat to download these all files which You Links is Here.


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