Monday, September 16, 2013

Internet Download Manager 6.18


Internet Download Manager 6.18

Its name Internet Download Manager 6.18 may not be creative but its functions and performance is very amazing.
Internet Download Manager 6.18 is the best downloader in my opinion because it speeds all your downloads up to 5 times and also handles all your downloads without slowing down your PC.

So always use Internet Download Manager 6.18 and get the fastest downloading speed for all your downloads.

Having said that, lets talk about some of is key features.

Key Features of IDM 6.18

Most of the viewers would be amazed by seeing the transfer rate shown in this screenshot but yes, it is real image and only Internet Download Manager 6.18 can provide you this fastest transfer rate without slowing down your PC.

Moreover, it also shows the total file size, percentage of file downloaded and remaining time approximately left to complete this download.
All these features are provided only by Internet Download Manager 6.18.

If some of you are thinking about such fast download speed of Internet Download Manager 6.18, then let me tell you. First see the above screenshot and also the marks shown in it.
As you can see, only 1 file is downloading but in the lower part of screenshot, that 1 file has been divided into many parts automatically by Internet Download Manager 6.1.
The reason is to increase the download speed.
Downloading a file by this intelligent file segmentation speeds up your download upto 5 times!

Another key feature that makes Internet Download Manager 6.18 different from others is its unique ability to show a downloader pop-up while going through Youtube, Google video or any other videos site.
Once you downloaded Internet Download Manager 6.18 in your system, you will always see a video grabber pop-up so that you can download that video easily just by a single click.

One another feature which makes Internet Download Manager 6.18 different from others is its very handy feature of resuming any download.
As you can see in the above screenshot, the file in the queue is stopped but can be resumed any time by clicking on the Resume button given at the top or by right clicking and selecting Resume option.


Internet Download Manager 6.18 is a must have tool for your PC and all those features that makes it far better downloader than its competitors.
So there is no such reason that can stop you from downloading this one and only Internet Download Manager 6.18. So download it now and start downloading your files with 5 times more downloading speed than any other downloader.


  1. Thanks for your information. I have used this software to increased my internet speed. After i have checked my internet speed is increased or not from this site