Sunday, September 15, 2013

How to identify fake login pages to avoid phishing

In my previous post i have explained how to hack a gmail account using phishing. You can read it from here.
Today i am going to show you how to identify fake login pages.

These phishing attacks are very simple to avoid.
When you are asked to put your confidential data in any website or login pages, first check the URL.
If the URL is different from your original URL, then it is a fake page.
say.. we have gmail, in this case the URL should be "" or "" like this.
Anything else is fake.

We can also identify fake login pages by observing the source code of the page.
In the case of gmail fake login page, do the following steps.
1) right click on the page

2) click on "view page source"
3) Now the source code of the page will be opened.

4) Now search for the word "action"
This can be done by pressing "ctrl+f". It opens a search box. Now enter the word "action" into the box and press enter.
If You see "something.php" next to the word "action" then it is a fake page. otherwise it will be original a one.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. if you have any doubts, just make a comment.

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