Tuesday, September 17, 2013

IIS Full Hacking Tutorial + 15000+ Vulnerable Sites List

IIS is one of the easiest hacking tutorial. Basically it is for n00b hackers. Today I will give you the full tutorial of IIS exploits. I will show you how to hack by IIS in windows 7. Not for windows xp. So let's start.

First of all go to my computer and then click on 'Add a network location' from right button of mouse.

You will see a pic like below:

Then click next. And select 'Choose a custom network location'.

Now click next. Select a site from the vulnerable sites list. I select http://www.lsqqby.cn/

Click on next. If the site vulnerable then show you like below.

Simply click next.

Now click on finish. A new window will be shown.

Now copy and paste your deface page in this folder.

See your hacking page from www.examplesite.com/deface.html
in the name of deface.html write your deface page name and extension. If your deface page name is 'hacked' then write 'hacked.html'

Demo: http://www.lsqqby.cn/dr.10c41h05t.html

Download 15000+ IIS vulnerable websites.

***All websites may not be vulnerable. If you show error or can't paste your deface page then try in another site***

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