Sunday, September 15, 2013

How to hack gmail using phishing.

In my previous post,i have explained the basic concept of Phishing like What is phishing,how it works.

Here i will show how to hack gmail passwords using phishing.

Things required:

1)gmail.html (fake login page)

2)mail.php (to capture the login details)

3)log.txt (to store the captured details)

You can download them from here


step1: create an account in any free web hosting site like




step2: Now upload all the three files you have downloaded.(I have taken

step 3: Give the link of the fake page to your victim.


step 4:when he clicks the link, it opens a fake gmail page where he enters his login details. When he clicks sign in button,his login details will be stored in log.txt file.


Here i have uploaded my scripts on to

and i clicked the gmail.html link.

A fake page was opened where i entered my login details.

Now my login details were captured by the php script and stored in log.txt file as shown in the figure below.

Hope you liked this article. For further doubts and clarifications leave your comments.

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