Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hack WIFI Password on Iphone 3G-3Gs-4G Genuine

easy steps & have fun free Internet on Iphone/Ipod....
1)Install aircrack from this repo:
2) Set EVERY files' permission to 777
3) Open Terminal in WinSCP from /var/
4) enter the following command:
sysctl -w security.mac.proc_enforce=0 security.mac.vnode_enforce=0 /aircrack

5) Go to Ipod mobile
6)Type the following code to activate on the device:
/var/aircrack/aircrack-ng -a 1 /var/aircrack/touch.ivs

If it says killed you didn't do part 4 properly, Good Luck!

(/var/aircrack/aircrack-ng) = the file terminal will open,( -a 1) = the type of encrytption, that is wep, ( /var/aircrack/touch.ivs) = where the packets are saved, this is simply a sample file as it can't capture new packets yet.

NOTE: This DOESN'T work FULLY yet. All this is doing is cracking a sample file supplied with it but can not crack a wifi network on its own yet.

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