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Hack Remote Computers using PRORAT

Hi i am going to show you how to set up ProRat and how to hack a computer using it. Well, i am going to finish up RAT setup articles with this. I will give the counter measures in my next article. As i haven’t written any articles on direct connection Trojans, I decided to write the one on PRORAT.
If you are new to RATing, it is strongly recommended to read my previous articles which give you all the basic and advanced stuff about RATs.

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procedure to setup ProRat

STEP 1. First of all Download ProRat from here. Once it is downloaded extract it. A password prompt will come up. Enter the password.The password "pro".

STEP 2. Open up the program and You should see the following window.

STEP 3. Click on the "Create" button in the bottom. Choose "Create ProRat Server".

STEP 4. Next put your IP address so the server could connect to you. You need not enter your IP address manually, you can do this by just clicking on the little arrow. it automatically fills your IP address.
Next put in your e-mail so that when and if a victim gets infected it will send you an email.

STEP 5. Now Open General settings. This tab is the most important tab. In the check boxes, we will choose the server port the program will connect through, the password you will be asked to enter when the victim is infected and you wish to connect with them, and the victim name. As you can see ProRat has the ability to disable the windows firewall and hide itself from being displayed in the task manager. Just follow the steps as shown in the figure.

STEP 6. Click on the Bind with File button to continue. Here you will have the option to bind the trojan server file with another file. You can select an image, text file or pdf file, So as to make the victim trust your file.

STEP 7. Click on the Server Extensions button to continue. Here you choose what kind of server file to generate. I prefer using .exe files.

STEP 8. Click on Server Icon to continue. Here you will choose an icon for your server file to have. The icons help mask what the file actually is.

STEP 9. After this, press Create server, your server will be in the same folder as ProRat. Start giving this file to your victim. When the victim double click the file, his computer will be in your control.

STEP 10. Now the hacker has lot of options to choose from. He can do many funny things with the victim’s computer.

NOTE: In this tutorial, i put the victim’s IP as as i am testing it on my computer. Inorder to hack a remote computer, you need to get the IP address of your victim. If you dont know how to find an IP address, you can read my article on finding out remote IP address from here.

How to hack an IP address of a remote computer

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Feel free to leave your comments for further doubts andclarifications.

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