Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hack Remote Computers using EXTREME RAT

What is RAT?

RAT is commonly known as REMOTE ADMINISTRATION TOOL. We can control a remote pc right from our computer using these RATs.

In one of my previous articles, i have explained about team viewer which can be treated as legal. In this article i am going to show you how you can hack remote computers using RATs that are commonly known as illegal ones.

Things you require


This is the RAT you are going to use. You can get it from HERE

2) account

As our IP-Address is dynamic(in general), we need to make it static.

3) DUC client

We can automatically update our dynamic IP-Adress, by installing DUC client.

4) VPN (If you are behind a router)

We must enable our router to allow us to connect to a remote PC. So we need to port forward.
Instead of port forwarding we use a VPN(Virtual Private Network).
You can use Proxpn.


Step 1:

First you need to create an account in

Step 2:

After creating an account, login with your account and create a host. You can do this by just following the steps.

Goto this link, and login. Then follow the steps as shown in the picture.

Finally click “Create Host”.

Step 3: Setting up your server.

Open the xtreme.exe file you have downloaded.

By default, the language is Portuguese. So you can change it into English as shown in the figure below.

Now goto FIile->create server. It is shown in the figure below.

When you are done, it opens a new window and then select the “+” symbol as shown in the following figure.

Then it opens a new window and you can give any name you want as your profile name.

In my case it is “profile1”.

After this, you need to give your no-ip domain name by selecting the option “add dns”. This can be done by clicking the ”+” symbol next to your profile name.
Fill this as “”

Now click on “install options” and uncheck the two options as shown in the figure and then click on “create server” option which is the last one in the figure. You can follow these steps from the following figure.

Then simply click the tick mark which is green in color and save your server file. You are done.

Now upload this server file on any file hosting site and prompt your victim to download it. Or you can send it via email. When he clicks it, your client will connect to his system as shown below.

Now you will access all his files right from your computer. I have added a screen shot of how it looks like.

You can do whatever you want. Accessing his webcam, downloading his files, capturing his screen are some of the best features of this RAT.

Legal disclaimer:

Using RATs on remote systems without their permission is illegal. This article is for educational purpose only. Dont do anything illegal. I will not be held responsible for that.

I hope you liked this, Feel free to post your comments if you have any doubts.

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