Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hack Gmail,Facebook,Orkut accounts using REFOG keylogger

In my previous article, i have given a small introduction to keyloggers.
In this article i am going to show you how you can monitor your computer using REFOG keylogger.


REFOG keylogger


This is a software you have to install on your computer. It sends all the keystrokes,screenshots to your mail box and thus you can easily hack anyone's account by simply installing this keylogger.


First download keylogger and install it.
You can download it from here.
After installing follow the steps as shown in the screen shots.

Here enter the following information

Email - your email address.
Account password - Your email password
Email-sender-Your email address.

and finally click test.

Now it sends an email to your email id to test whether it is working or not.

After clicking "OK" verify your email id. you shoul receive an email from it.
Then follow the steps again.

This is the important window. Here you can specify your HOT KEY to see the logs on your system when you dont have internet.

And finally click finish.
Now if you want to see your logs, just press the HOT KEY you have specified in the above steps.
It opens a window where you can see all the functions of your keylogger.
I kept a screenshot of KEYSTROKE logging here..

You can install this keylogger on your friend's system and can hack his accounts.
The disadvantage is you should have physical access to your friend's computer.
I will write an article on remote installation keylogger soon.

Hope you liked it.If you have any doubts or suggestions leave a comment.

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