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GTA 5 free download latest version with cheats codes

All game lovers wants to play GTA 5 free download not just because it is an adventure but because unlike other free adventure games, GTA 5 free download has some extra ordinary features which you can't expect in any other PC game.
Unlike other free adventure games, Grand Theft Auto 5 is not just an action packed game in which you just have to fight and run.
GTA 5 download provides you an opportunity to play a free adventure game filled with complete action and fighting but if you are tired from exploration and violence, then take a rest and go to tennis court and play some tennis with other player or go to golf course and try your luck there. In other words, we can say that GTA 5 free download is also built-in with a tennis and a golf game with its complete features. So go there and try to calm your nerves there. Going to a beach will not be a bad option either!

Having said that, lets discuss some of its features which will surely tease you download to play this free action game.

Although GTA 5 free download has so many features and such extra ordinary game exploration that words can't completely define it until you can't play it yourself.
Some of its key features will be discussed below:

Vast and huge Map has unending roads and exploration:

Unlike other free adventure games, GTA 5 free download has vast map with almost all real like features which we face in every day life. But in every day life, we can't explore everything and has to live within limits. But Grand Theft Auto 5 gives an opportunity to explore every such thing which you want to, but can't!
So play this free adventure game and explore its vast ang huge map and enjoy!

You can also Fly a Plane and Helicopter like a Pilot:

Grand Theft Auto 5 is not an only adventure game which gives opportunity to fly a plane or helicopter. But GTA 5 free download provides you with some extra feature in plane and helicopters which will surely give you a unique experience of flying just like a professional pilot.

Change your Clothes and Looks completely!

When completing a given mission, you sometimes needs to change your appearance to protect yourself from being caught by the police. In GTA 5 free download, you can also change your car appearance, wheels, color and modify it according to your needs. You can also create your custom appearance according to your needs and likings rather than picking up between track suits and pants.

Gamble or Play betting with your Cash: 

You have to complete the missions like a professional to earn cash and bonus as well. You can also use your earned cash for gambling or Betting and can risk your money to be multiplied. More earnings means more fun! You can spend your money anywhere you wants like spending it on a beach side and have some fun with it!

Experience a small Submarine and explore life under water:

GTA 5 free download provides this special feature for all PC game lovers. It is included with a small submarine which will give you a unique experience and a chance to explore life under deep water.
Once you sit into it, I don't think anyone will want to get out of it!

As I said earlier, GTA 5 download has so many features that words can't describe it completely until you play it. In short, Grand Theft Auto 5 is an action packed game which will give you an unending pleasure and exposure. While playing this free adventure game, you will like your dreams came true.

We are uploading some of its screenshots so that you can have an idea about its liveliness and extra ordinary features:

Screenshot # 1:

Screenshot # 2:

Screenshot # 3:

Screenshot # 4:

GTA 5 Cheat Codes:

We have created some new cheat codes for GTA 5 free download which will help you throughout the game play. We will share it in our next post. So don't miss it and catch those most valuable and helpful cheats ever shared on the internet!
GTA 5 free download is personally one of my favorite games which I played for years. So I personally recommend you to give it a try and I'm sure you will also like it as well!
Cheats Codes:

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