Monday, September 16, 2013

Free Text and Flash SMS to any number all over the world

We Hax0rteam team always try to provide you the best content which you wants and for which you don't have to pay a single penny!
In our previous posts, we shared many other useful online tools,
so today we are sharing another useful tool by which you can send free Text SMS and free Flash SMS online!
For those are finding any difficulties that how to send free SMS and how to do it, then don't worry, we are always here to guide you till the end!
Step # 1:
Select the receiver's mobile service company code from the first drop down menu.

Step # 2:
Enter the receiver's mobile number in the second given field.

Step # 3:
Enter your name or any name by which you want to send this message.

Step # 4:
Now select whether you want to send a text SMS or a flash SMS.

Step # 5:
In the message box, type in your message which you wants to send to the receiver.

Step # 6:
Type in the Captcha words to verify that this tool is being used by a human.

Step # 7:
Click on 'SEND SMS' Thats it my friends! Your message has successfully been delivered to your desired person.
You can send free SMS without any limits and for which you don't have to pay a single penny!
I hope you will like our efforts! :)

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