Monday, September 16, 2013

Counter Strike 1.6 download best PC game with free latest maps 2013

Counter Strike 1.6 download is the best PC game ever produced and Counter Strike 1.6 download is a dream of every game lover.
So today, we are sharing Counter Strike 1.6 download which has the maximum number of downloads every year as compared to any other PC game.
This is Counter Strike 1.6 download.
Counter Strike 1.6 download is a best PC game in which you can join either;the terrorist group or thecounter-terrorist group,
or end up being observers. Every group fights to finish their mission destination or dispose of the opposing group.
Counter Strike 1.6 download has a very amazing quality that while playing this game, you will yourself as you are there on the ground fighting in real.
You can choose to play from one of 8 different characters in which 4 are from terrorist group and 4 from counter-terrorist group.

These characters are shown in the following images:

Terrorist group Characters:

Counter-Terrorist group Characters:

Counter Strike 1.6 Free download has been declared as the best Online Game for the years since it is being developed.

Money Bonuses:
In this game, money bonuses are awarded to the players for:
* winning a round,
* defeating a round,
* killing an enemy,
* being the first to instruct a hostage to follow,
* rescuing a hostage,
* planting the bomb (Terrorist),
* defusing the bomb (Counter terrorist).

Download Counter Strike 1.6


There are lots of maps which are provided with the game but few people likes to play in new maps and areas.
So for those friends, we are providing some brand new Counter Strike 1.6 maps free download.
Download it and paste it in the following folder:
Your Destination > Counter Strike 1.6 > Maps > Paste these downloaded maps here.

Download Map: Deathrace

Download Map: Aim_Easy 

Download Map: Just Zone

Download Map: Scoutknives

Download Counter Strike 1.6

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