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[★Beginner Spreading Tutorial★] Stickam Spreading | 50 - 70 Installs in a Few Hours!

★ Beginner's Guide to Stickam Spreading★

 I decided to write this guide for beginners out there who are new to the whole 'RAT scene' and need a beginning guide to spreading.

Our target for this guide is going to be Stickam. Stickam is the largest live streaming social network and this will bring us in about 60 victims within a couple of hours (2-3 hours of lazy spreading) of work on a good night. (A good night would be a night with a lot of users actively on Stickam)

Requirements for this spreading method:
- Any RAT client of your choice. CyberGate seems to be the most popular free RAT on HF (which is why it has it's own subforum).
- A crypter (You can find crypting services almost everywhere on this forum!)
- Any type of hosting. is what I will use in this guide.
- A java drive by template (which I will provide for you!)

Here's a perfectly written guide by Plutonium explaining how to setup your very own Cybergate RAT and how to port forward:

I am going to assume that you have already read the tutorial and are already set up with your RAT and server.

» The first step would be to create a fileave account, so go to this link and fill out the form on the bottom right:

For your user name, be sure to enter in something that has to do with video chatting. Some good user names would be stickamlivecams, chatlivestickam, etc. Anything that looks safe and trust able will do.
Be sure to use a correct email, they'll be sending you a verification link!

» After creating your account and verifying it, go to the 'Uploads' page:\

You'll be uploading a Java Drive By template now. Here's a simple but very effective web cam template that I've been using that has been bringing me a great amount of installs:

» After downloading this zip, be sure to extract the folder anywhere on your computer.

» Now, go back to the 'Uploads' page and upload everything from the JavaDriveBy folder.

Once you've uploaded your JavaDriveBy template, you'll need to take the server you built with your RAT and upload it onto fileave as well.

» Once you are finished uploading your server, go to the Files page on Fileave:\

It should look like this:

svchost.exe is what I have named my RAT server. Do you see where it says direct link under svchost.exe? Well, copy that link exactly because you'll need it for the next step.

» Your next step would be to edit the index.html in your Files page. So under index.html, simple press 'Edit'. You'll be brought to a page like this:

Do you see the red box which I made for you? You'll be replacing the link inside that red box with your DIRECT LINK. Once you do so, press Save and your Java Drive By will be complete!

» Next, you'll want to shorten your web address of your FileAve account, so take your web address, which will be http://[YOUR USERNAME] (without the [ ]'s) and go to any url shortener of your choice and shorten your URL.

» To test if your Java Drive By works, paste your shortened URL into your browser and see if this happens:

If you get this little pop up, then your Java Drive By should be working perfectly! If not, be sure to re-read the guide once more.

» The next part is going to be the easiest part.
Simply go to and click 'Join' on the top right.
I'd prefer making two accounts, one under the age of 17 and one over the age of 21.
The reason for this is because some rooms only allow users under the age of 17 and some rooms only allow users over the age of 18 or 21 (not sure), but 21 should guarantee you entrance.

Once you create a account, you'll need to go back to the home of Stickam.
From there, go to Now Live at the very top of the page and click 'Who's Live'.
You'll want to click Most Watched (highlighted in the red box for you):

After clicking this option, you'll be given the rooms with the most views.
Now it's time to start spreading :)

» Enter a room of your choice and be sure to click "Click Here to Enter Chat" at the bottom of the chat. Once you have a clear view of the person on web cam and you can see that there are other users talking in the room, you're good to start spreading.

What I usually do now is change my font to a very light color so that the room can see it, for example pink.
Try to think of something that will attract the people in this chat room to your java drive by.
A few lines I've used in the past have been:

Quote:if anyone was in that other room, the girl is stripping naked but its private... go here to watch it stream live [[SHORTENEDJAVA DRIVE BY LINK]]

// OR \\

20 more views until she goes naked!!! -> [[SHORTENED JAVA DRIVE BY LINK]]

You don't need to spam it, simply type it in once and enter it and be sure to leave the room RIGHT afterward or else you'll just be banned by a moderator.
After you finish entering your text in the first room, simply move onto the next room and do the same thing. Post your message once and leave the chat room and move on. Do this until you feel that you've targetted all the major rooms and then wait about 30-50 minutes and come back and do it again to get fresh users.

This method gets me about 50-70 users in a couple hours on a good night. This should be a great starting point for those who are new to the scene.

If you have any questions, be sure to post here or PM me and I'll be glad to help you out. I wrote this guide in about 30 minutes while watching a basketball game I was very distracted by so excuse me if I am not specific about anything! If you need help with any part, be sure to let me know so I may explain it much better!

Enjoy :)

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