Friday, September 13, 2013

[ADVANCED][HOT] Multiple Hacking Tools[HOT][ADVANCED] Latest & Fully Updated

Hello All,

Today I will be posting somethings that everyone will be wanting and waiting for. These are one the most greatest hacking tools ever found on the net. Some tools might not be for hacking but they are still awesome. I will be going in any order, therefore it wont be from the worst to best, it will be random.

PenProtect is a tool that will put a password on your USB (Pen-drive) so no one can access your personal files except you.
Download: HERE

Advanced zip Password Recovery pro v4.5:
This This software will find passwords for protected .zip files. The serial number is also included.
Download: HERE

See everything that is connected from your pc to the web and vice versa. Very effective to catch hackers.
Download: HERE

Redtube downloader:
Download any XXX video you want from "redtube(dot)com without having to buy a premium account. Simply put the url of your video and download it in seconds. redtube administration is trying very hard to make such tools disappear but they won't :).
Download: HERE

Trojan remover:
Find all trojans on your pc and finish them in few minutes. This tool can detect anything looks suspicious in your PC. Use it very carefully and read each name this tool would find on your pc before acting.
Download: HERE
Sand boxie:
Sandboxie runs your programs in an isolated space which prevents included viruses from making permanent changes to other programs and data in your computer.
Download: HERE

Spyware Terminator Beta:
Spyware Terminator will scan your computer for known threats and report findings in a manner that is easy to read and interpret. Every entry is given a rating and a classification, which makes it very easy to decide if a detected item should be removed. Unlike some free software titles, Spyware Terminator will remove all threats for free.
Download: HERE
Resource Hack:
This tool will help you to steel any software you want by changing the details that make the product refers to a certain company and you can make it your by introducing your name inside.
Download: HERE

Portable.Wireless WEP Key Password Spy v1:
A very good software to hack any wireless wep connection that your wireless device can detect very quickly. You can use now your neighbor connection to do your dirty jobs and to get away with it. Remember always use proxy with it.
Download: HERE
Shock Labs File Binder v1.0:
This is was posted long time ago in the forum and i think he did get the reputation he should. This is very good tool to bind (mix) an ".exe" with a ".jpep" or a ".mp3"
You can use this one if you want to attack a virus or trojan to a pic. One of the best binder in the domain so far.
Download: HERE

Ardamax Keylogger 3.1 :
This is a keylogger. You can register now any pressed key in a log file so you can check it later. Hide it from the eyes of the PC users and register there types. Ability to remote the log file via email to a email you have already specified. Very effective to spy on someone and especially kids in order to protect them from abuse.
Download: HERE

Server Attack:
Do a DDos attack to any website and paralyze it by increase the UDP Data sent to this website. In other words you will increase the request to open the webpage to 200 request at the same time which should paralyze the website targeted.
Download: HERE

This tool will hack for you any login page by trying all password possibilities. The reason i added here is because many people were finding troubles with there brutus and couldn't do any hack so this one should solve all there nightmares.
Download: HERE

PassList Generator:
Many days ago someone post here in the forum a pass list that is 2GB size. I know that some people cannot download such a file including me so i did some search and found this tool. This software should create the pass list that you need to your brute force. Very small size but very big efficiency.
Download: HERE
In Shadow Batch Virus Gen - 4.1.2:
This tool is a virus creater. It will create very proffesional virus. Never test any virus on your PC. Very effective for bad hackers.
password with no quotes: "In shadow".
Download: HERE

SQL I Helper V.2.7:
After you find your potential website , use this tool to auto hack the website using SQL injection. This tool will do all the hard job by itself. Just select buttons to tell here what to do.
You might need to find the pass using the hash method.
Download: HERE
cain and abel:
Crack PC passwords , hack network connections , sniff , brute , ....................... and all your dirty job.
I don't think i need to explain what does this tool do. Everyone know about and how neccesary it for hacking job.
Download: HERE

Lock an exe:
This tool will lock any ".exe" file by making it not working anymore. If you click on the new exe , it won't execute. Ability to share it between PCs safetly at a condition that these 2 pc have this tools to lock it and unlock it
Download: HERE

Icon Changer v3.8:
Some people were asking for tools that can change the icon for there files. Use this tool to change the icons of any thing you want on your PC. Customize anything that have a icon interference.
Download: HERE
Ohh finally it's over, that took ages, phew.

Well I really hope that everyone loves this, took me a long time to do all this. Hope you all really appreciate my work (share).


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